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At the time of the Jamboree the final state of our project is unfortunately unfinished. We were unable to complete our bacterial printer system. However, even without the fully working printer system our team still has many acheivements to present. This section summarizes the final results of our work with E. coLisa.

Contributions To The Registry

Sequencing of Agarase

Sequencing of Logic Circut

Our Contributions To The Registry

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Number Parts Plasmid New part name Type Notes
1 agarase pSB1A2 i737020 Basic Part
2 R0084 . A340620 . S01414 . I13504 pSB1AK3 I737010 Project
3 R0083 . A340620 . S01414 . I13504 pSB1AK3 I737012 Project
4 R0082 . A340620 . S01414 . I13504 pSB1AK3 I737014 Project
5 R0040 . A340620 . I13504 pSB1AC3 S03868 Intermediate Entered as part I13553 and J26010, not available or experience
6 R0040 . J01010 . I13401 pSB1AC3 S03867 Intermediate Entered as part I714081, but not available
7 R0040 . J01008 . B0015 pSB1AC3 S03863 Intermediate Is S03862 . B0015
8 R0040 . J01080 . I13401 pSB1AC3 S03864 Intermediate Is J01109 . I13401
9 R0040 . J23008 . B0015 pSB1AC3 S03866 Intermediate Is S03865 . B0015
10 R0040 . J01010 . E0040 . S01414 . B0015 pSB1AK3 S03871 Intermediate Is S03870 . I0462
11 S01414 . I13504 pSB1AK3 S03869 Intermediate
12 R0040 . A340620 . J23008 . B0015 pSB1AK3 S03872 Intermediate Is F2620 . J23021
13 R0040 . J06801 pSB2K3 S03743 Intermediate

Our team is pleased to report that we have submitted 13 unique parts to the iGEM registry. These parts include the β-agarase gene, our logic circut and several of the intermediate parts we constructed.

Sequencing of Agarase

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We were able to sucessfully isolate β-agarase gene from the Pseudoalteromonas atlantica genome. Here are the results we obtained from sequencing the isolated β-agarase gene. Click on the image below to see the full sequencing information for β-agarase in pdf format.

The sequencing information obtained confirms that we have indeed isolated the β-agarase gene and it is present in the plasmid.
Reverse Chromatogram from aragase

This is the Reverse Chromatogram from the sequencing of our β-agarase containing plasmid. The results confirm that β-agarase is present in the plasmid

This is the Forward Chromatogram from the sequencing of our β-agarase containing plasmid. The results confirm that β-agarase is present in the plasmid

Sequencing of Logic Circut

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There were three seperate logic ciructs prepared. Each differed only in the initial promotorer being used. The first circut used part R0084 a promter that is activated by phosphorylated ompR while the other two R0082 and R0083 are repressed by phosphorylated ompR

Our team synthesized plasmids containing our logic circut using each of these promoters. The links below connect to pdf's showing the result of the sequencing for each of these plasmids. The sequencing information confirmed that our logic circut was present in the plasmids.

|R0082 Logic Circut| |R0083 Logic Circut| |R0084 Logic Circut|