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What we need in our project

Beginning of Story

  • De-Ming Lin had concluded what a insulin-secretory cell should be from interature review
    • Cells engineered for insulin expression should contain
      • Proteases for insuline or proinsulin or express two chains (A, B) separately (activate insulin)
      • glucose-sensing system (sense glucose)
      • secretory granules that can release insulin promptly by exocytosis in response to extracellular glucose levels

Action plan


       RNA Switch Biosensor 

  1. Influenza virus like particle (VLP)-get from professor Ho, Mei-Shang (Academia Sinica, IBMS )
  2. iNOS promoter and iNOS gene construct-get from professor Lin, Wan-Wan (NTU)
  3. pTREX -GFP construct-get from professor Stephen Elledge (Harvard University)
  4. Cytochrome c- from VYMGC
  5. Antiswitch, TetR, pTet-get from iGEM


Make for practical use

  • control the population of E.coli-based insulin secretory cell
  • prevent the immune response