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Throughout the summer we planned on contributing back many parts of our project, not limited to DNA BioBricks.

We hoped to contribute these DNA parts:

1) Our Modified Lambda Promoter


2) Our entire Reporter Plasmid

Gene circuit fl.PNG

3) A Reversed dsRED Fluorescent Protein gene for use with our two-way promoter and others like it.

However, at the end of the summer, we failed to convert these parts into the correct format to be returned to the registry.

Since our project is based much more on modeling and the fluorescent phage than it is on E. coli, we still have many meaningful contributions to make to iGEM and the greater scientific community.

1) We have obtained permission to contribute the fluorescent phage from "Propagation of fluorescent viruses in growing plaques".

2) Our lab also embarked on a sequencing project for the entire registry to help with quality control. Since the registry has grown so large in the last few years, it’s possible to run into contamination problems. Click here to read more.

3) We also hope to contribute our model and toolkit through publication.