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Back Row (Left to Right): Matthew Sweede, Matt Lux, Chris Villareal, Nalin Pilapitiya, David Ball, Emily DeLalla, Jean Peccoud. Front Row (Left to Right): Brian Hartnett, Patrick Cai, Jodi Lewis, Blair Lyons


Matt Lux: Newly graduated senior in Electrical Engineering. Plans to attend graduate school in Biomedical Engineering and sees iGEM as a great opportunity to get involved in interdisciplinary studies between engineering and biology. From Raleigh, NC.

Matt Sweede: Senior in Biology and Biochemistry. Plans to earn a PhD in Cancer Biology and chose to participate in iGEM because of the interdisciplinary studies and the opportunity to network within Virginia Tech and across the globe. From Fairfax, VA.

Emily DeLalla: Junior majoring in Biology and Psychology. Plans to go to Medical School and decided to participate in iGEM because of the great opportunity to correlate biology and engineering while working with other devoted undergraduates to design and implement biological devises. From Winchester,VA.

Blair Lyons: Sophomore majoring in Materials Science Engineering. Plans to go to graduate school in Biochemistry and become a researcher, especially focusing on the biological approach to alternative energy. Joined iGEM because it is a great opportunity to get wet lab research experience. From Marietta, GA.

Nalin Pilapitiya: Senior in Electrical Engineering. Plans to get a Master’s in Biomedical or Electrical Engineering and decided to participate in iGEM because it's a great opportunity to model a stochastic occurrence using computer simulation and work with an interdisciplinary group on cutting edge technology. From Fairfax, VA.

Chris Villareal: had other obligations that prevented him from staying with the team after spring.


Jean Peccoud: iGEM Faculty Advisor (Synthetic Biology)

Bill Baumann: iGEM Faculty Advisor (Electrical Engineering)

Tim Larson: iGEM Faculty Advisor (Biochemistry)

Susan Faulkner: iGEM Faculty Advisor

Brian Hartnett: Lab Manager

Patrick Cai: Graduate Advisor (Synthetic Biology)

David Ball: Graduate Advisor (Spectroscopy)

Rebecca Shelton: Graduate Advisor (Electrical Engineering)

Jodi Lewis: Administrative Assistant


Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Core Laboratory Facility,
especially Clive Evans and Kristal Cooper, for consulting on molecular techniques

Alvarez, L. J., P. Thomen, et al. for providing fluorescent lambda phage for our experiments.

(Alvarez, L. J., P. Thomen, et al.(2007). "Propagation of fluorescent viruses in growing plaques." Biotechnol Bioeng 96(3): 615-21.)

PERFORM Laboratory, directed by William Sanders, for providing the hybrid simulator.