University of Alberta iGEM Team

-The purpose of our interdisciplinary group is to take part the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition held at MIT annually in November.

Article I: Name
-The group shall be known as the University of Alberta iGEM team.
-Each year, team members may choose a fitting name that represents their project and/or team goals to represent their team at iGEM.

Article II: Membership
-Team members will be selected by a formal application process by faculty advisors during Winter Term. All undergraduates from the University of Alberta are welcome to apply. -The classes of membership are: mentors, faculty advisors, external associates, and team members. -Member in good standing is one who attends meeting regularlys, takes part in fundraising, and contributes to group goals. Members are also required to write a year-end experience summary. -Members is bad standing are consistently absent, disrupt group progress, and do not have good rapport with the group. -A team member who displays the qualities of a member in bad standing may be expelled with quorum of 75% of the members in good standing.

Article III: Membership Dues
-There are no membership dues, however, all members must participate in fundraising for the project.

Article IV: Executive Committee
-The University of Alberta iGEM team is a horizontally organized group; the President, Vice President, and Treasurer will be recognized externally as contacts rather than internally.

Article V: Committees
-Working committees will be formed on an as needed basis with the discretion of the group.

Article VI: Meetings
-An annual general meeting will be held within the first two weeks of May. -Meetings will be held weekly during the Spring and Summer terms at times best suited to the group’s needs and availability. -Meeting times will be posted on the teams’s wiki. -Quorom is 75% of team members in attendance, provided that greater that 50% of the team members are present. -Consensus-based decision processes will be used to govern meetings.

Article VII: Amendments to the Constitution
-Amendments will be made at the Annual General Meeting, with 75% quorum. It is recommended that the Constitution be re-written to suit each group’s needs on a yearly basis. -Amendments can also be proposed on an as-per-needed basis at regular meetings.

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