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section on chasis: to make it safer to inject into the human bloodstream, and by adding components for oxygen delivery. A modified lipopolysaccharide should significantly (1000-10000x) reduce sepsis activity in the human bloodstream. section on oxygen carrying: A hemoglobin mutated to increase OD50 to match that of natural human blood cells after diphosphoglycerase. Heme and cytochrome B5 and B5 reductase complement the hemoglobin. Additional chaperone proteins such as sodC, HPI-katG, map, and AHSP were added to increase hardiness and prolong the half-life of the E. coli in the bloodstream. We are also investigating myoglobin, and section on freeze-drying: potential freeze-drying to preserve E. coli, with OtsA, OtsB, thpA through D (trehalose - ots) (hydroxyectoine).