Bologna University/M9 medium


Preparation instructions:

1. Dissolve 56.4g in 1L of distilled water.
2. Autoclave for 15min at 121°C.

This convenient 5x concentrate can be stored and diluted as needed to prepare 5L of 1x M9 minimal salts. For M9 minimal medium:

1. Aseptically dilute 200mL of M9 minimal salts, 5x [ ] with 800mL of sterile water, if necessary, cool to 45-50°C.
2. Aseptically add 20mL of sterile 1M glucose and 2mL of sterile 1M magnesium solfate to prepare 1L of M9 minimal medium.
3. If desired aseptically add 0.1mL of 1M sterile calcium chloride to the M9 minimal medium. M9 minimal medium may also be supplemented with the appropriate amino acids.