Cambridge/Snapshots of our external wiki


Final statistics of our external wiki

As of 2am BST, 27th October 2007:

  • Pages: 324
  • Uploaded files: 235
  • Page edits: 2,743 (average of 8.47 edits per page)
  • Most viewed page: Main Page, 3,876 views


22nd June: How the wiki looked like at the very beginning..
9th July: Rudimentary addition of content into our wiki - for instance documentation of all talks we have had in the first two weeks.
26th July: First attempt at organizing burgeoning Main Page of our wiki.
31st July: The layout was deemed too colourful, decided to use shades of blue as it conforms well to the visual identity of our University.
6th August: Added in the descriptions of the three parts of our project.
20th August: Not much change happening to the layout of the wiki, which does not do justice to the explosion of content in other sections of the wiki - the "Experimental Protocols" section for instance - as our lab work is going on at full swing.
20th September: One month later, still not many changes made to the layout besides the "Announcement" part. However, our wiki is steadily growing in terms of content.
25th October: Try comparing this to..
26th October: ... this. Deadlines and adrenaline rushes are wonderful agents of change, I must say =)