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Communication Unit

Our Aim

Fig. 13 Quorum sensing for activating receivers!

Our aim is to make bacteria stick around a bacteria core. Make a sender, a bacteria core that sends a signal, and a receiver, a bacteria that receive a signal. Our system works like this: Sender core, which is sticking each other in advance, sends a signal to receivers, which grow stickey tags. Then they stick together. We use Quorum sensing as a signal.

About Quorum Sensing

Fig. 14 Constructed circuit of Quorum sensing in our system.

Quorum sensing is a cell-to-cell signaling action of bacteria. They detect the cell density of the same species and coordinate the expression behavior of their cells. Species of Gram-Negative signaling transfer molecules (so-called autoinducer) is a series of acyl homoserine lactone (AHL). When the AHL concentration exceeds a threshold, that is, the cell population is over a certain number, the promoter plux transcription is activated.

Detailed gene circuit is discribed in Fig. 2.

  • more about quorum sensing


About Quorum sensing

Experiments: New Parts!!


New Parts We Made!!

From Biobrick

  • BBa_T9002
    • T9002 circuit.jpg

Future Work

  • inverter-aiiA
    • Rec inv aiia.jpg


New Parts We Made

  • MetK Sender ( could not deposit to registry; sequencing half completed )

MetK circuit.jpg

From Biobrick

  • Sender(BBa_S03623)

BBa s03623.jpg