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We imported the data from luciferase assay in Matlab and then we interpolated them usic a cubic spline. Thanks to this analysis we can try to use different inputs. So we can get the best parameters for the system for each input. Using data from luciferase assay we found two curves that saturates when oleic acid concentration is about 4 mM and 12 mM. This is showed in the following:

Luciferase assay for extra virgin oil promoter
Luciferase assay for not edible oil promoter

We tried to use another input function which saturates at 6mM for the not edible oil input, this curve is showed here:

Luciferase assay for an alternative not edible oil promoter

Since now we have two couples of input functions: we will see that this inputs can be used to guarantee different behavior to the system. Consequently, we can get the appropriate parameters for both inputs.