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The Edinburgh iGEM 2007 Team declares that:

  • Both projects were conceived and designed by the student team members within the time course of the project.
  • All modelling and design work was performed by the students.
  • All laboratory work was performed by the students with the following exceptions:
    1. RT-PCR of COMT from alfalfa was attempted by Lucy Montgomery, an undergraduate Honours student who worked with the team for a part of the project period.
    2. Attempts to transform Lactobacillus and Streptococcus (unsuccessful) and Bacillus (successful) with pTG262-RFP were performed mainly by Chris French (Instructor).
    3. Mutation of the PstI sites in the crtIB BioBrick,assembly of the crtEIB, lacZ-sam8 and sam8-sam5 composite BioBricks,and preliminary TLC experiments to detect vanillin pathway intermediates, were performed mainly by Chris French (Instructor).
    4. Initial fluorescence microscopy was performed by a colleague of Alistair Elfick (Instructor).

In addition to our sponsors, listed above, we also gratefully acknowledge the assistance of:

  • Dr. Garry Blakely, University of Edinburgh: advice on recombinases.
  • Prof. Millicent Masters, University of Edinburgh: for single copy vector pHR277.
  • Dr. Mike Gasson and Dr. Claire Shearman, Institute of Food Research, Norwich: for Gram positive vector pTG262.
  • Dr. Anton Linnenbrink, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat, Freiburg: for supplying DNA encoding sam8 and sam5.