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We have designed a device called Division PoPper that works as a function of bacterial division. The device reports when a bacterial division happens by generating a PoPS pulse on a single copy plasmid inserted into the bacteria. We designed and implemented it by following the paradigms of Synthetic Biology approach and we also designed a Proof of Concept device for proving the validity of the main assumptions and mechanisms. The most important mechanism to test is related to the dif sites, recombinatorial solutions that are employed universally by bacteria. We modelled both devices using classical and stochastic techniques and showed the quantitative and qualitative possibility of costructing such devices and composing it with a counter device. In the wet lab we designed and constructed a total of thirteen biobricks that we registered and commented in the Registry. We propose our device as interesting example of conversion from a meaningful biological process to a standard logical signal. The device can be used for controlling cell division frequency or trigger actions related to division counting.

We look forward to meeting you all at the Jamboree.