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Week 1
Week 2
  • A taste of Multidisciplinary Research life and its bitter-sweetness!
  • All those boooooring mathematical equation we were taught during our studies are actually becoming an applicable to real world?! It starts to make sense why we were thought these things after all…
Week 3
Week 4
  • Introduction of stochastic unofficially separated modellers into two groups.
  • Trial and Error makes it perfect?
  • New tools for the trade.
  • BioBrick Concept and all the fuss about it.
Week 5
Week 6
  • First real input from the lab.
  • But is it not what we expected for?
  • From trial to final model.
  • The Black Art of Programing
Week 7
Week 8
  • Models are being created by the dozen.
  • A grant for multicore computing - giant leap for our modeling.
  • Initiation of documentation.
  • Boooooooring.
Week 9
Week 10
  • Our enemy LaTeX.
  • And other usefull stuf.
  • Project declaration.
  • The End.

Modelling Log Tutorials References