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Week 1


After a brief re-introduction to the Laboratory and our project proposal, we outlined a 6-PHASE approach to guide our practice over the summer.

From here the Modellers began working on basic Matlab modelling tutorials, designed by Xu Gu, to allow all modellers to reach a satisfactory ability. By the end of the day we had completed a number of Mass-action programs using the ode45 funtion and grasped the translation from basic notaion into Substrate, Enzyme and S/E-complex notation.


We developed our modelling techniques by programming responses to basic metabolic and signalling pathways. We then learnt more precise techniques of modelling, e.g. accuracy and tolerace variance and noting parameters. We then covered if while and switch functions.


We were introduced to the 'Nested Functions' to allow for simpler programming, and the basic ideas behind Sensitivity of output due to a range of possible values of varying constants.

In the afternoon, all modellers were shown some Wetlab techniques for the sake of a more thorough understanding of the processes involved.

Our experiment was to extract plasmids from a number of different bacterial cultures .


The end of week one. Feels like we did no practical work at all. But things are about to heet up...

Modelling Log Tutorials References