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Monday 3rd September 2007

Settling in nicely upstairs inthe wetlab, and the modellers have gone to Lillybank Gardens. Raoul dances like a panther. We have decided that sandwiches are the way forward, we should never have left Gregg's. Went to a restaurant today and once again we waited ages for our food and it wasn't that great. It's the ghost of Gregg's I'm telling you! We're thinking of going somewhere for Friday to celebrate our last day but we'll be sure to book so they're ready for us.

Tuesday 4th September 2007

Wednesday 5th September 2007

Maija got bit carried away with her camera and started taking some iGEM related pictures in the lab. Good fun!

Thursday 6th September 2007

Friday 7th September 2007

Celebratory lunch because we all survived our ten weeks. Some of us will stay on to take the project further, others have prior engagements until November. Either way, the reunion in Boston will be great!

Welcome to Maija's iGEM gallery:

Centrifuge.jpg Blueroll.jpg Bottles.jpg Gloves.jpg Keys.jpg
Gels.jpg Eppendorfs.jpg LBmedia.jpg Racks.jpg Tape.jpg
Ladies.jpg Gas.jpg Men.jpg Plates.jpg Rotor.jpg
Painting.jpg PCR2.jpg Pipettes.jpg Stairs.jpg Tips.jpg