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Week 3

Monday 16th July 2007

Bank Holiday :)

Tuesday 17th July 2007

Restriction maps for our biobricks and plasmids. Much fun but wait! What is this from over the horizon? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its our delivery of everything we've been waiting for!!!!! Finally! In a whirl of excitement we diluted some primers, about 60 of them actually. We took some sexy mug shots of the team. Christine hasn't any sandwiches this week, she is researching sandwiches instead. Sub of the Day was meatball marinara.

Wednesday 18th July 2007

So, of course, with primers comes PCR. We are PCR-tastic. Maija thinks that today was the first sunny day of this summer in Scotland, we had our lunch out on the grass. Sunny days like this are Scotland's best kept secret, its not all rain you know. We were even going to go to the park it was so nice, but then the clouds came back, we went to the pub instead. Burger and a pint £3.50, not bad.

Thursday 19th July 2007

Optimisation PCR, and Maija and Christine beasted up the wiki some. Check it out, its starting to look awesome. Still can't decide what colour to use for the mug shots.

Friday 20th July 2007

TFI Friday! Did some wiki updates, we brainstormed about a name for the project, and watched some of last year's presentations.
The Salsa Group From Glasgow University 2007