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Week 4

Monday 23rd July 2007

Started to explore the wonderful world of PCR. And it's all about optimisation. Which primer pairs to use? How to choose the perfect Tm temperature? How to find the right primers from the freezer? Went bowling after work which was good fun!

Tuesday 24th July 2007

Wednesday 25th July 2007

MANY WAYS TO ATTACK!! Our new team motto?

Thursday 26th July 2007

Just as we thought there are no more primers to design, we got some redesigning ahead of us. The computer corner of the lab is heating up as MATLAB runs full speed. We try to fit in and with the help of Primer3 we finally manage to find the right sequences and access primers with the perfect 3' stability and Tm temperature. Thank you!

Friday 27th July 2007

TFI Friday Vol 2!!

Mmm... wasps!
Bowling after work