Justin Pahara

From 2007.igem.org

Now a retired musician, my central interest is manufacturing/engineering protein delivery systems for the purpose of treating hereditary disease, intracellular infection, and cancer. Although it is my goal to work in this field, I am currently in the process of studying the processes involved in eukaryotic cell endocytosis. I feel that by having this in depth understanding of internalization, I will be able, on a broad scale, to manipulate and exploit various endogenous cellular systems with a wide range of therapeautic models.

Synthetic biology is closely related to my protein engineering interest, as the basic principle is to manufacture, organize and optimize cellular systems that in turn complete a desired function. The ButaNerds is the first chance I have had to explore this field, and we have a great team with many different talents. I am looking forward to a summer of molecular manipulation!

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