Polystyrene Binding

We successfully constructed our polystyrene binding briobrick part in E.coli (include what strain of E.coli). E.coli that have been transformed with our biobrick part successfully bind to polystyrene. The following Western Blot (paste in photo of gel) confirms the presence of our epitope tag, T7. This confirms that our biobrick part is successfully expressed in E.coli. The following microscope (was it fluorescence microscope) images show that our transformed E.coli bind to the polystyrene substrate (maybe if time, have a short discussion of the fact that different doses don’t affect the binding).

Mercury Sensing

Our biobrick part has been cloned into E.coli, but the confirmation experiments still need to be performed (something short summarizing what you did and what didn’t work)

Mercury Binding

Not completed yet.