McGill/Ariq Emtenan


I'm a U3 student in Electrical Engineering. I am an international student here at McGill University, being originally from Bangladesh. My interests lie in digital signal processing and sensor actuator networks, although I'm fascinated by the possibilities of combining biology and engineering to come up with interesting new ideas. Working for iGEM has opened my eyes to a whole new field.

Currently I'm working on a number of interesting projects for my courses - including building a vocoder to run on a DSP processor, analyzing network security by packet sniffing, designing a real time implementation of a voice-controlled guitar effect and making a digital system on FPGA to display a video image from a camera directly to a monitor. I love playing badminton - I've been attending McGill badminton team tryouts for the last couple of years, but running 25 laps is beyond me. Apart from that I'm an avid reader. I'm really looking forward to attending the jamboree next week.