Melbourne/DNA concentration measurement


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  • Applications: Measure the concentration of DNA in solution
  • Time to complete protocol: 5 min
    • Lab time: 5 minutes
    • Waiting time: 0
  • Approximate cost of materials: $0


Method from primary and secondary reagents

Primary & secondary Reagents Required including controls
Method including controls
  1. Set the spectrometer to measure dsDNA (260nm)
  2. Insert into an acrylamide cuvette 1ml of milliQ water
  3. Insert the cuvette into the spectrometer and push "set reference"
  4. Take the cuvette out of the spectrometer and empty the contents.
  5. To an eppendorf tube, add 5ul of DNA.
  6. Add 1ml of milliQ water to the eppendorf tube.
  7. Vortex
  8. Pipette into an acrylamide cuvette the contents of the eppendorf.
  9. Insert the cuvette into the spectrometer.
  10. Push "sample" to measure the interference.
  11. Record the optical density (OD).
  12. Calculate the concentration of DNA in the original form.

1OD=50ng/ul. Thereofe, for example, if the OD is 0.005, the concentration in the original form is 0.005 X 200 X 50 = 50ng/ul.

Equipement Required