Melbourne/IGEM 2007 kit


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Physical data

  • Description: IGEM 2007 KIT
  • Data in IGEM 2007 registery
  • Approximate cost: $3000.00 USD/kit

Method to resuspend DNA

  1. Punctured foil with pipette tip clearing opening to well without touching bottom of well.
  2. Resuspended well contents in 15uL milliQ water.
  3. transfere to epindorf tube.
  4. Lable epindorf in red for Ampicillan resistance and blue for kanamycin resistance
    1. Format P<plate number> _ <column number><row character> e.g. P1 14H
  5. Mark lid Tab with Red or Blue for drug resistance as above.
  6. Stored epindorf at -20.

Lab Location

  • Location kit plates & additional part(BBa_I15010) epindorf: Fridge -4deg Igem Box
  • Physical apearance: 4 by 96well plates covered in foil, notches on bottom corners.
  • Location of DNA from opened wells: Freezer -20deg Igem Box 1
  • Physical apearance: pinkish fluid in ependorfs labled as above.
  • Permision to use required? No


  • Supplier:MIT
  • Suppliers part no:
  • Contact details for supplier: Meagan Lizarazo
    • 32 Vassar Street, Room 32-314
    • Cambridge, MA 02139
  • Gmail Chat at:
  • Phone:

Send any iGEM related correspondence to: meaganl AT mit DOT edu

Contact me via Gmail Chat at: meagan DOT lizarazo AT gmail DOT com

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