Melbourne/meeting 24 August 2007



5:30 Action points from last meeting:

  • Pat & Alisa: LacZ reporter plan - complete
  • Jan: Plan for blue light on wiki by 17th August- Done but needs more work: couldn’t get anyone else to implement it based on this!
  • Phil: re prism :Edmund optics:VIS60 Schott veril linear variable interference filter SGD$1600 25mm wide 60mm long linear 400nm-700nm (contact sheet)

N47-279 eqilateral prism 35mm long 35mm face SGD$162

  • Phil: Chase Status of #BBa-M30109 & #BBa-V1012 - Arrived
  • Craig: Alkaline lysis technique for miniprep to be documented
  • Craig: Protein extraction technique –done sent to Phil by email.
  • Cheng: Daisy to produce competent cells of DB3.1 and Enz- strains: Alisa will set up plates for Daisy to work from by monday so we will have a store of competant cells by Tues/Wed
  • Chris: Gas vesicle expression experiment by 21/8/07.-Done

5:35 Status Reports: (5 minutes each including any discussion)

  • Alisa: Ligation experiments progress
    • Craig ligated the ompR promoter to the RBS-LacZ-Ter and c1 inverter, confirmation digest and gel to be done on saturday and parts sent for sequencing confirmation on Monday.
    • Additional ligations to be set up and confirmed during the week: OmpR test harness(Ompr-RBS-LacZ-ter) to be ligated behind M30109, Ompr-c1 inverter to be ligated behind M30109.
  • Pat & Alisa: Red light receptor progress/design/plan- needs?
    • these include to above ligations. We need to work out how we are going to test these parts
  • Jan: Blue light receptor design/plan progress - needs? (Absent from meeting)
  • Phil: Gas vesicles progress/design/plan - needs?
    • Progress good, now on round 3 of mutagenesis (3 plates x2).
    • Need miniprep of six colonies on Monday and Digest with PstI, I will pick colonies Sunday.
    • Buoyancy experiment confused re IPTG, -IPTG,+IPTG but definitely differences. See attached photos at 1hour,6hours,18hours,96hours and last 3 at 126hours
    • Other parts required from kit->glycerol stocks: B034 (P1-3O) , B0015 (P1-1I or P3-3O), J61034 (P4-8F or 8H)

5.55 New Agenda Items:

  • Phil: Administrative Timetable: (8 Weeks to go)
  • Final Team roster and Jamboree attendance fees due. Who is going? Jan & Phil perhaps, others??? Need to find out state of funds so that we can work out how many people we are able to send
  • Chris: Next years Comp Plan/preparations - same state as last week
  • Any other business
  • Next meeting: <b/> 28th August (Friday) 5.30PM.

6:15 End

Igem Administrative Timetable:

1 September Final team rosters due.
1 September Jamboree attendance fees due $100USD per team member.
26 October Project and part documentation due DNA received USA.
26 October BioBrick Part DNA received by the Registry.
3-4 November iGEM Competition Jamboree, MIT, USA.


Documentation wiki status:

    • Priority should be on plans and experimental report analysis and conclusions-----Alisa .
    • If only Pat & Alisa doing lab work not much documentation needed.
    • Equipement:
      • MissingLas3000 method (in lab notebook)
      • Missing DNA measurement protocol (eppendorf)
    • Reagents pages incomplete:
      • Some location pictures not finished or uploaded.
      • Some newer reagents not entered.
    • Secondary reagents pages not made:
      • LB, Plates, TAE , NZY+ Broth
    • Protocol part:
      • No connections from Protocols to reagents.
      • Ligation protocol missing
    • Lab notebook:
      • Format uses too many lines to see connections between days.
      • Latter part missing links
      • Can table of contents be restricted to date level?
    • Experimental reports:
      • Lacks discussion/conclusion
      • Ligation experiment missing
      • Lattest few gells not marked up and entered.
    • Project overview link broken
    • Background:
      • GFP missing ,
      • Red photo sensor to GFP test harness missing.
    • Plan: Only Gas vesicles plan entered.

IndividualDesired time committment
Pat About 4h/wk Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning
Alisa About 4h/wk - Thursday afternoon
Jan About 10h/pw - flexible weekday mornings
Phil About 18h/pw - Thursday morning, Friday, Saturday or Sunday,