Melbourne/primary DNA marker


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Physical data

  • Description:1Kb Plus DNA Ladder, 1ug/ml , 250ml , Store at -20 deg C
  • apply 0.1ug of ladder per mm of lane width.
  • Recomend BlueJuice loading buffer at 2x.

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  • Recieved ladder split into twelve 20uL alliquots and stored in ependorfs in Igem Freezer Box 1.
  • To one alliquot 400uL of 1x Green Loading dye is added which turns it Blue.
  • Place 20uL of this solution into the 10mm well. (1ug/well)(0.1ug/mm of well)
  • link to user datasheet/manuals:
  • Approximate cost: $0.00 AUD/mg

Lab Location

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  • Permision to use required? No


  • Available from Bio21 store? YES


  • Manufacturer: Invitrogen
  • Manufacturers Part No: Cat no. 10787-018
  • Contact details for Manufacturer:
  • Manufacturers Manual

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