Melbourne/primary Restriction enzymes


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Physical data

  • Description: NEB Restriction enzymes are used generally in the Lab.
NEB restriction enzymes
Enzyme Cut site 100% buffers Cost No of U Part no/data location In store
SpeI 5A^CTAGT3 B2 US$244 2500U @ 10,000U/ml NEB.R0133L
HindIII 5A^AGCTT3 B2 US$53 10,000 @ 20,000U/ml NEB.R0104S
PstI 5CTGCA^G3 B3 US$58 10,000 @ 20,000U/ml NEB.R0140S Lab Enz Freezer Box YES
EcoRI 5G^AATTC3 B1,2,3&4 AU$89 10,000 @ 20,000U/ml NEB.R0101S Lab Enz Freezer Box YES
HaeII 5RGCGC^Y3 B4 & B2 US$53 2,000U @ 20,000U/ml NEB.R0107S Igem Freezer box YES
SalI 5G^TCGAC3 B3 US$56 2,000U @ 20,000U/ml NEB.R0138S Lab Enz Freezer Box YES
XbaI 5T^CTAGA3 B2 US$63 3,000U @ 20,000U/ml NEB.R0145S Lab Enz Freezer Box YES

Y= (C or T), R= (A or G) Single letter code

Double Digest Buffers

Lab Location

  • Location see table
  • Permision to use required? No


  • Available from Bio21 store? Yes
  • location: [Media:melbourne Erefrigerator |E-refrigerator] Needs account card. (see Daisy).


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