Paris\Modelling Variables


After analysis the design of the different parts and the interaction between them, we define 4 variable of interest and one optional


Number of soma cells (S)

The S (soma cells) are the cells which provide the DAP to the germe cell, so the size of this kind of cells is a very important factor to prevent the system to collapse.

They are issue from the differentiation of the germe cells. So the production of S depends on the number of germe cells, and on the concentration of CRE.

Like all the others cells, S may die, for the moment we think about a linear coefficient to represent the death of the cells.

Number of germe cells (G)

The G (germe cells) are DAP-auxotrophe cells, they can divide or differentiate. More G they are, more DAP is needed, so they depends on S.

G can divide so the shape of the curve of G augmentation is the same as other growth rate evolution.

G can die too, (like for S a linear coefficient), and it can differentiate.

Concentration of CRE

The system loxp::CRE will make enable the differention between G and S Cells by removing a device which is needed for division and for metabolic dependence So CRE is a important actor.

Concentration of DAP in the medium

The CRE production will be under the control of DAP
DAP will diffuse in the medium

Concentration of DAP in the cells

DAP in the cell will inhibate the differentiation process