Paris/August 27


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Transformation of DH5α strains

Strain transformed with the biobricks Lambda AttB (Plate2, K19) and Lambda AttP (Plate2, M19).

1. Thaw cells on ice.
2. Add 1μl DNA.
3. Let sit for 30 minutes on ice.
4. Incubate cells for 20 seconds at 42°C.
5. Incubate cells on ice for 2 min.
6. Add 1 mL LB at room temp.
7. Incubate for 1 hour at 37°C on shaker.
Error made at step 6 : LB with Kanamycine used.
8. Spread 100µL and 500µL onto different plates made with Kanamycine.
9. Grow overnight at 37 °C.

Culture of W121 [DapAp>>mRFP] for expression test of the DapA promotor within different concentration of DAP