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Transduction to MG1655 using the P1 stock made on w121.

See protocols.

Growth kinetics : Results of July, 3

Growth of DapA- strain (w121) relative to the concentration of DAP in the medium

W121 LB-DAP.jpg

Measuring excretion of Dap by MG1655 DapA+ strain in an indirect manner

W121 S0-DAP.jpg
The w121 did not grow at all in the S0 medium... Either we did something wrong, or there is a logical explanation ! There might be growth inhibitors in the ON medium, their might be no nutriments left in the medium...
We will redo the experiment but this time, the medium will be recovered from exponential phase culture of MG1655

Acinetobacter liquid culture

We picked up a colony from LB solid culture from 07/03/2007 and put it into 5mL LB medium (30°C aerobic) (overnight culture).

Low Nitrogen Minimum Medium with Nile Red

This medium allows Acinetobacter ADP1 to synthesize triglyceride and wax ester. Lipid inclusions are seen by fluorescent dye (Nile Red).

See protocols.

pKS::DGAT Plasmid: transformation

The plasmid contains ampicilline resistance gene and pLac promotor upstream the transgene DGAT (Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase).

Pbluescript SK-.jpg

We cloned the plasmid by bacterial transformation (Subcloning Efficiency DH5alpha Competent Cells: See protocols).

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