Paris/Macroscopic Models


Those models are at macroscopic scale. They are focused on the evolution of the population, with global rules avoiding description of all the microscopic mechanisms. We present tree different works, with different approaches (ODE, automaton)

Exponential growth of cellular populations: analytic analysis of an ODE model

We present here a theoretical approach based on population dynamics. We consider the case of a well mixed, homogeneous, culture of the SMB organism, i.e. there is no space in this analysis and we follow only the variation of the different cell lines concentrations in the culture volume.

Potential macroscopic effect of spatial aspects of Dap diffusion: cellular automaton on a grid

We want with this work to characterize the diffusion of the DAP and the effect on the cells. We have a lawn of bacterias with germinal cells and some somatic cells.

Potential macroscopic effect of stochastic and spatial aspects of Dap diffusion and cell growth

We try with this model to see the effect of DAP on the cells. We have a growing culture with germinal cells and somatic cells. We want to see if we can have different kinds of evolution for our cells. as we can see in the simple automaton the diffusion mechanism and the effect on differentiation can be describe more accurately, so for the moment we just ignore the diffusion putting a black box on it and just focused on the total number of DAP entities.