Paris/October 19


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PCR reactions

Digestion reactions

Digestion Products
Number Product Name Matrix Name Enzyme 1 Enzyme 2 Size Description
D22bis pSB1A2 BBv MP6.1 et .2 EcoRI PstI pSB1A2 vector digested with EcoRI and PstI enzymes
D80 PacI[ptet>>lox71-gfpT-lox66-mrfp]SmaI P15 PacI SmaI ptet>>lox71-gfpT-lox66-mrfp P15 PCR product digested by PacI-SmaI for cloning into pY-2C-IntC
D81 PacI[pY-2C-IntC]SmaI pY-2C-IntC plasmid PacI SmaI pY-2C-IntC digested for ptet>>lox71-gfpT-lox66-mrfp cloning
D88 pTet>>lox71-gfptripqrt FV L34.1 et .2 EcoRI XbaI pTet>>lox71-gfptripqrt pSB1A2 dig. for use as a FV
D89 T-lox66-rbsdapAcoli BV L53.7 SpeI PstI T-lox66-rbsdapAcoli pSB1A2 dig. for use as a BV
D90 T-lox66-rbsdapAsubtilis BV L56 SpeI PstI T-lox66-rbsdapAsubtilis pSB1A2 dig. for use as a BV
D91 ptet>>lox71-gfpT-lox66-mrfp pSB1A2 BV L59.6, .7 SpeI PstI ptet>>lox71-gfpT-lox66-mrfp pSB1A2 dig. for use as a BV
D92 rbsdapAcoli BI L39.1 XbaI PstI rbsdapAcoli extracted for use as a BI
D93 rbsdapAsubtilis BI L64.1, .2 XbaI PstI rbsdapAsubtilis extracted for use as a BI