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On June 1st 2007, a group of undergraduates of various disciplines and from around the country assembled at NCBS, to attempt a 'proof of principle' demonstration. Their mission: to assemble and test a 'genetically engineered machine', a complex network assembled from simple biological parts. You will be amazed how much they managed to achieve in just six weeks!
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The National Centre for Biological Sciences is a research institute located in Bangalore, India. In 2006, a team of graduate students from NCBS was the first from India to participate in iGEM. This year, we are very excited to compete as an all-undergraduate team of six students, from six different colleges located in four cities around India. Now that the summer is over, we hope to take the excitement of iGEM back to our home institutions, and create new teams across India who will participate in future iGEMs.

National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore

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Parts Data Sheets

These datasheets are designed to allow other users to reproduce our results. Each datasheet contains the following information:

  • Device schematic: A graphical snapshot.
  • Components: Host strain, small molecules, promoters, proteins.
  • Description of behavior: A brief summary of inputs and outputs.
  • Usage and compatibility: A list of compatible devices, and combinations that have been tested.
  • Experimental characterization: Detailed protocols, and experimental results.

Device datasheet: Trc-LC
Device datasheet: Trc-LIC
Device datasheet: Trc-LRY
Device datasheet: Rec-LRY.RC
Device datasheet: Rec-RRY
Device datasheet: Sen-TIC
System datasheet: Sen-TIC+Rec-LRY.RC
System datasheet: Sen-TIC+Rec-RRY

More information about these parts can be found at the Bangalore iGEM 2007 Registry site.