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Introduction of Peking University iGEM Team

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Peking University (PKU) iGEM Team is the first iGEM Team in China. Its predecessor is iGEM Beijing Workshop, founded on 28th Dec, 2006 in the help of iGEM ambassadors, with dozens of students from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Peking University Institute of Molecular Medicine and National Institute of Biological Sciences. In January 2007, iGEM Beijing Workshop assisted to promote the idea of iGEM and synthetic biology in China. After three meetings in January, PKU iGEM Team was founded in February 2007.

To meet the requirement of interdisciplinary cooperation of iGEM, PKU iGEM Team consists members from a variety of colleges and institutes, including College of Life Sciences, College of Physics, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Yuanpei College and Center for Theoretical Biology. Most of its members are undergraduate students, although it does include some graduate students as graduate advisors. Two faculty advisors are Wang Yiping from College of Life Sciences and Li Fangting from Center for Theoretical Biology.

PKU iGEM Team is organized mainly by students. They held journal clubs and brain storming meetings every week from March to May, and picked up their current idea from tens of candidates in May. In June they were busy at giving presentations to faculty and officers of Peking University, and finally collected fund of RMB 100,000 (US $14,000) for research and RMB 150,000 (US $20,000) for daily operation and traveling. They set up their own labs in Teaching Center for Experimental Biology and Physics Building, Peking University, prepared all stuff in the early July. They believe the self-organized team structure matches the spirit of independence of iGEM.

PKU iGEM Team highly expects a communication and conversation with anyone who is interested in iGEM and synthetic biology!

Liu Chang
Chen Chongyi
Chen Daizhuo
Lu Dan
Ma Haisu
Wang Mingcong
Qu Mingzhi
Zheng Qinsi
Yu Tao
Liu Ting
Yang Yifan
Ren Zhe

Faculty Advisors
Wang Yiping
Li Fangting
Ouyang Qi
Lai Luhua

Graduate Advisors
Liu Xili
Lou Chunbo
Jiang Lingli
Ni Ming
Chen Xiaoyue
Li Tuo
Liu Hui
Yang Le
Xu Anting
Ma Tao

Email us at igem-pku AT googlegroups DOT com

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