Regenerative Sciences Institute and the Bay Area RSI Team


Regenerative Sciences Institute is proud to field the Bay Area RSI Team. Our team consists of Berkeley and Stanford students who have come together to work at RSI.

Our team members:

Molly Allen, UC Berkeley

Ed Cho, Stanford University

Hugo Decker, Stanford University

LeAnn Duong, Stanford University

Chian Gong, UC Berkeley

Omar Kahn, UC Berkeley

Jennifer Lei, UC Berkeley

Anastasia Shabalova, UC Berkeley

Jack Tung, UC Berkeley

Our instructor: Andrew Mendelsohn, PhD, RSI, Instructor

How it worked

Our project started late at the end of June. After an introduction to molecular and synthetic biology, the students decided on a project which would involve cell self-assembly and solving a real-world problem. The students decided to try to repair damaged heart tissue by engineering cells to differentiate and target damaged myocardium. The students split into 3 teams: Timed ES cell Self-Destruction, Differentiation, and Targeting/Cell Signaling. The students designed the overall approach of each team, and the specific circuits and oligo design themselves. Dr Mendelsohn provided useful critical input and suggestions to help guide the teams, but the teams had ultimate responsibility for the projects.


Because of our late start, the Timed ES cell Self-Destruction and Differentiation teams only made modest progress. However, the Targeting/Cell Signaling team was able to continue working and have just (10/26) built the CRP signaling circuit and are very close to completing the ICAM and scFv circuits.


RSI and the Bay Area RSI Team wish to thank the Abbott Foundation and Panorama Research for their support.