TTT 2007:Zurich



Information for the June 27 Teachers Workshop at ETH Zurich

  • Date: June 27, 2007
  • Location: ETH Honggerberg (same as the SB 3.0 conference)
  • Room: HCI J3

Please remember to bring your laptop computer - there will be work for you to do!

There is no charge to attend. There's lots of room, so bring other members of your team if you like.

Teach the Teachers 2007 Workshops

We are planning three Teachers Workshops in 2007, one in North America, one in China, and one in Europe.

New instructors are required to attend one of the workshops. Experienced instructors -- ie. those that have participated in iGEM in previous years -- are also encouraged to attend. The workshop will describe the philosophical foundations of the iGEM program, describe the requirements and expectations for participation in 2007, and introduce the resources available to the participating teams. The workshop also provides an opportunity to meet the iGEM organizers, tour the laboratory operations that support the competition, socialize with other iGEM team leaders, and gather information and materials for a successful year.

Your Role in the Teachers Workshop

During the workshop, you will be expected to use your laptop to edit parts, enter information on the wiki and perform other modern internet tasks. You will also be expected to give a 10 minute presentation of your iGEM team please plan to cover the following topics and more if you wish:

  • What are your expectations and hopes for iGEM 2007?
  • What has happened at your school to get ready for iGEM 2007?
  • Please describe the team - the students, the instructors, and the facilitys available.
  • How are you supporting your team?


Time Duration Session Speakers
8:30 AM 0:30 Coffee
9:00 AM 0:10 Introduction Randy
9:10 AM 0:30 Comments on iGEM Drew
9:45 AM 0:15 Setting up your account Randy
10:15 AM 0:30 Break
10:45 AM 1:30 Team introductions and reports Teams

12:15 PM 1:00 Lunch (Mensa F Floor)

Time Duration Session Speakers
1:15 AM 1:00 Team introductions and reports (as needed) Teams
2:15 PM 1:00 An iGEM summer in one hour Mac, Meagan
3:15 PM 0:30 Break
3:45 PM 1:00 Standard and Synthetic Biology Tom
4:45 PM 0:30 iGEM Organization, Registration, Jamboree, Rules, Judging, Prizes, Posters Randy
5:15 AM 0:30 iGEM Resources and Expectations: Wiki, Registry, Podcasts Randy, Mac
5:45 PM 0:30 Questions and Discussion - iGEM 2008 All
6:15 PM End of Session


From Zurich Airport directly to ETH Hoenggerberg (conference venue):

Take a train to Zurich Oerlikon (please note: not all trains to Zurich main station stop at Oerlikon. Those that do stop have Oerlikon in the announcement on the platform). In Oerlikon, leave the station to the right (Oerlikon Nord) and take bus no. 80 (direction “Triemlispital”) to “ETH Hönggerberg” (8th station)! From the airport to Zurich main station:

There are direct trains from the Airport to Zurich Main Railway Station every 15 minutes. For tickets, please press the red button on the ticket machine, cost 6.00 CHF, valid for 1 hour*. For more information about the timetable, see From Zurich main station to the Campus Hönggerberg:

  1. At the main station, take tram number 11 (direction Zürich, Auzelg) to the station "Bucheggplatz".
  2. From there you need to switch to Bus number 69 (direction ETH Hönggerberg).
  3. After 7 stations you arrive at ETH Hönggerberg!

For more information about the exact time go to For this tour you need a city ticket, which is the green button on ticket machine*. This route takes about 20 minutes.

Map of ETH Hoenggerberg

Eth hoenggerberg map.jpg