Team 2 of Tianjin Univrsity




Figure 1: The 2007 TJU team2

The TJU iGEM team2 has 7 undergraduates, 2 graduate students and 3 PhD students(figure 1).

Liujie Huo
Bo Wang
Yifan Yuan
Yifei Bao
Shunhua Yang
Liwei Chen
Xiaowen Hou
Tong Hao
Zongbao Zheng
Hui Wang
Binbin Han
Shuobo Shi

Our Project

General Introduction


vitamin is a kind of quite important nutrition for human body and other kinds of animals. People need to absort many kinds of vitamins from outside. Some production processes of vitamins are very complicated and it always costs much for us to buy the artifical synthetical vitamins or other kinds of commodities contain vitamins in them. Our aim is to produce the vitamin bread and beer with Yeast fermentation. In our project, we propose to take Yeast as a host to produce different kinds of vitamins at the same time. Yeast is a widely used microorganism in lab and industry, especially in the food and drink production industry. We plan to add the genes encoding the enzymes contributed to vitamin production to yeast cells to product these vitamins during fermation. By implementing our system in yeast, we feel that engineering our system will be useful in industry area worldwide as it will reduce the cost of producing vitamin food and drink, and At the mean time, simplify their production process largely.

our team is constitutive of 7 undergraduates and 5 graduates. To complish our project, we began with the production of vitamin B2 in yeast first. After considerable research we have designed two possible mechanisms to attain our goal. Consider of the limited time, we carried out the two mechanisms at the same time. The first one is to transfer the riboflavin operon of B.subtilis to Yeast directly.This mechanism is simply but have a lot of uncertainties.The second one is to reinforce the promoters of riboflavin-related genes in Yeast itself to make it accumulate vitaminB2 during fermentation. We propose to simulate the influneces of the promoters with different strength to the yield of vitaminB2 with a in silico model and help us to choose the proper combination of promoters.

Experiments Process



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