Tianjin/DIODE/Experiment1/Function of Immobilized cells

From 2007.igem.org

Figure 1: AHL tends to be degrated gradually by immobilized block cells as both figure indicated, after 7 hours, the concentration of AHL has dropped down to less than half of the original value. The difference between the time needed to observe dramatical decline is because the number of immobilized beads on the left figure overnumbered that on the right. Therefore, block cells still work well after being immobilized. TJU4J1.jpg TJU4J2.jpg

Figure 2: To test the validity of our data, the background expression of detector cells and standard deviation of our data are also considered. As the figures show, the leakage expression of GFP is far below the level of activated expression and influent a little on final curves and the tendency of curves would not change within the range of standard deviation.

TJU4J3.jpg TJU4JJ.jpg