Expression level check on promoters + plasmid sets of A and B sides


Fig.2 Expression levels of the both sides were compared. As to the A side, RFP was substituted with GFP.

To test and compare the gene expression level of each side, A and B. Since the cell type - A or B - is detected based on the fluorescence, its activity should be measured and standardized beforehand. Here we used the same fluorescent protein GFP on the both promoter + plasmid sets actually used in our model, where A side consists of Lambda cI-regulated promoter, and B side the lux lac hybrid promoter.

Result & Conclusion

Two plasmid sets, A4 ΔP/pc1-GFP(upper side of Fig.2, off/on respectively) and A4 hybrid-promoter(+AHL to activate)/pBR322tetR (lower side of Fig.2, on/off respectively), showed almost the same fluorescence of GFP. This result indicates that expression levels of both sets were almost the same, though the latter was a bit smaller.
Fig.3 Genes downstream of the promoters on the both sides were expressed to almost the same degrees in terms of GFP fluorescence.