Hello Hello

Here's my first ever attempt to summarize myself within a few paragraphs..

I've been somewhat of a global nomad my whole life, having lived in four different countries before finally settling down for the last 3 years, in Montreal. A great chunk of my childhood, 16 years in fact, was spent in the sunny, desert plains of Qatar, in the Middle East. I've also lived in India, France and Saudi Arabia.

I'm currently in my last year of a Bachelor of Science degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology. I guess the cell biology part of my degree somehow relates with the technical aspects of our the anatomy part fits in... I'm not quite sure yet.

For the last year, I had been looking to see if a career in scientific research was something I could be interested in after graduating and I was looking for research experience, primarily under supervision. After searching far and wide, I eventually came across iGEM, and although it wasn't exactly the kind of research experience I initially had in mind, I was drawn to the level of independence such a competition can give to undergraduate students such as myself. Another appealing aspect was the prospect of working with other undergrad students from various other scientific backgrounds, all contributing to a single project.

I have to say that the experience that I've gained from the project since we started in May, has been highly invaluable and in the process, I've made some great friends.

Other than growing and killing E. coli bacteria, I'm a self confessed sports fanatic and a lifelong fan of Arsenal FC (soccer club), I enjoy playing tennis, squash and soccer. I also enjoy listening to a wide variety of music, ranging from alternative rock like Radiohead and The Smashing Pumpkins, to classical music and arias from various operas.

In the long run, I hope to stay in science, however, concentrating in industrial research and development, and hopefully start my own biotechnology company one day.