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The Judging Committee is bigger and better than ever, the list of awards has been refined and perfected, and some interesting twists have been added to the competition this year: the online community judgement system and the introduction of competition tracks. But some things are tradition: the BioBrick Trophy will be returning from Ljubljana to be presented to and engraved with this year's Grand Prize Winning Team. Get the scoop on it all on the COMPETE page.

  • How do teams compete? (wiki, presentation, parts, poster, declare track)
  • How does internet judging work?
    • Wikis frozen Oct 1. and evaluated by all instructors and Judges (students get popular choice award?)
    • website judging criteria - figure these out
  • Jamboree Judging
    • Presentation criteria
    • Poster criteria
  • Who are the judges?
  • What are the Awards?
    • quick description here, info about tracks, link to Jamboree/Awards, which should host the results later as well.
  • Official Rules

== General spirit-of-the-competition rules == Your team should:

  • Use & create BioBrick Standard biological parts and contribute new parts to the registry
  • Actively and openly document the project over the summer online

Rules for the Jamboree

  • Parts
    • deadline: postmarked to Registry no later than october 26? (1 week before Jamboree)
    • They must be promoted from the team's sandbox
    • They should be well documented (deadline?)
    • They must be sent in a registry-compatible format - refer to meagan's guidelines
  • iGEM 2007 Team Wiki
    • deadline: october 26th, midnight (1 week before the Jamboree)
    • Requirements: The team's project must be documented on the iGEM 2007 wiki site with detail enough to replicate it independently. Additional presentational information about the team - their story, the rational for the project, failures, successes, future work, etc. - makes for a better site. Remember that these wiki pages will be the main source of inspiration for future teams, and having good documentation on them and in the part description in the registry increases the likelihood of more teams building on your project and your parts.
    • Check out the examples of good team wikis page
    • You can find info on porting your externally hosted team page to the iGEM 2007 wiki here.
  • Jamboree Presentation
    • deadline: November 3 (at the Jamboree)
    • Requirements: Each team is given 20 minutes to present their work followed by a 5 minute Q/A period, with a 5 minute setup period. There are no rules besides those governing the safety of the audience about the manner in which the team uses the 20 minutes to present their project, although in the past essentially all presentations have been based on powerpoint or keynote slides.
    • Be prepared to provide a PDF of your presentation when you talk for archival purposes, and be prepared to be recorded.
  • Jamboree Poster
    • deadline: November 3 (at the Jamboree)
    • Requirements: the team must present a poster describing their project at the Jamboree.
    • The poster must not exceed Dimensions!
    • Each team should be prepared to submit a PDF of their poster for archival purposes.


  • overview of tracks
  • How to declare a track

Judging Committee

  • Overview
  • How to Become a Judge
  • Bio + Pics of Judges