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Team Snapshot

The Edinburgh team is composed of 8 undergraduate/graduate students and three supervisors from three different schools within the University of Edinburgh (Biology, Engineering and Informatics). They are developing two projects: a biological counter based on cell division, and a self-flavoring yogurt system. Read more here.

Interview questions: Who is your team & how did it form, inspiration for project, low/high point, barriers, successes, funny moments.


  • Forums & new frontpage design
    • We've made a couple of improvements to the iGEM websites. First up: Forums. Use them to solve your transformation problems, for iGEM banter, or just to trash talk the competition. Second: New iGEM 2007 wiki frontpage! You like? You liiike! Amongst much recategorization of content, we've added a couple of new areas, including a team of the week! Currently we're featuring Missouri Western, but your team should be next week!
  • TTT workshops have concluded
    • Three workshops, three continents. Results from the Teach the Teachers workshops are online, including pictures, video, schedules, and more. read more
  • SB 3.0
    • SB3.0, the third international conference on Synthetic Biology, directly proceeded the third TTT workshop. There were lots of great talks, including one by Hamilton and two! by 2006 iGEM teams! read more

read all 8 news items here

The iGEM story

iGEM is the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition. Hundreds of undergraduates from all over the world annually spend their summer learning the principles of Synthetic Biology and then proving they work by designing and building novel biological machines (using a standardized kit of genetic building blocks), sharing their work with the community as they compete for awards and fame at the Jamboree, held the first weekend of November.

  • The students call the shots - not the professors or grad students.
  • They build cool stuff! And it works! Check out Eau d'Coli and the coliroid, not to mention the arsenic sensor
  • They are boot strapping synthetic biology! iGEM provides a unique way for undergraduates to invest the time, energy, and creativity to develop the field that other more traditional research structures cannot.

Read the rest iGEM story here.


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Papers & Press

Visit the Library to read and add to lists of articles about:

  • iGEM teams in the news
  • the iGEM organization
  • Synthetic Biology in the news
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  • Synthetic Biology protocols

Recently added iGEM:

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Synthetic Biology

  • Enabling a scientific anti-commons - Nature Letters


The two most intense days of iGEM occur during the first weekend of November at the annual Jamboree, when all the teams gather to share their parts and their projects in competition for awards of excellence. Many teams leave as winners, but only one leaves as the year's champion.

Quick Links

  • Check the Jamboree Schedule: November 3-4 at MIT
  • Check the rules: Parts & Team Wikis due Oct. 26
  • Get here: tickets, visas, hotels, & the jamboree fee.


IN the beginning was the word, then the picture, and then motion. Check out our igem vodcasts and learn how to make your own.

recent vodcasts

  • Drew Endy: Defining Synthetic Biology
  • Drew Endy: Believe in Synthetic Biology
  • Drew Endy: What is a Standard Biological Part

How to Participate

There's so much to do - why not get involved? Start a team at your school, of if you already did that, stay involved as an alumni - they contribute in many special ways. Or just volunteer and help us run the jamboree, or build the websites, or raise money, or make coffee - we could use help with everything! And of course, your donations are what make the iGEM world go 'round. So come share our excitement, and get involved today!