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Teachers Workshops More...
MIT 26 May China 16-17 June Zurich 27 June
Videos and notes from the 2007 MIT workshop.
Pictures and commentary from the 2006 MIT workshop
See who is attending the teachers workshops

Web Resources for iGEM Participants More... iGEM offers three valuable web resources for participants:

Podcasts More... - NEW -

iGEM HQ is producing a series of video podcasts (vodcasts) about getting started with iGEM, the principles of Synthetic Biology, and how to use the Registry. Continue to the podcasts page to learn more about and view the short vodcasts. Currently there are six episodes online, in which Drew Endy explains Synthetic Biology and Reshma Shetty shows how to make new parts.

iGEM - GENEART Synthesis Program More... - NEW -

Making a new part by hand? There is a better way. Live in a future when DNA synthesis is affordable even for undergraduates. Under a special iGEM program, GENEART is offering Synthetic DNA for only 25 cents per base pair. The rest of the world will have to wait years for a price like this price to reach them.

Publish Your iGEM Project More... - NEW -

Share your iGEM project with the world.

Jamboree More... - NEW -

MIT November 3-4, 2007

Awards More... - NEW -

iGEM Alumni Program More... - NEW -

Have you participated in iGEM in previous years? Would you like to participate this year or next? Here are some opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where are the plasmids in the 2007 DNA Parts Kit?