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Hey, I can extract plasmids from bacteria too!

Hia, my name is Maciej Trybilo. I have a BSc Hons degree in Computing Science from Department of Computing Science at University of Glasgow. This year I'm going for a Masters degree in Advanced Computing Science therein. Yes, Advanced ;).

I'm a member of the modelling part of our team, especially dealing with ODE modelling. We primarily work in Matlab coding from scratch although we are aware of the Symbio toolkit and Bioinformatics Research Centre's in house BioNessie. I'm also trying to characterise the fuel cells in the lab.

I like good things. If you're a good thing email me at trybilom(AT)

Do zoba na Jamboree.

My personal page: Maciej Trybilo

If you don't believe little critters are good for you take a look at this lively fermenting mix of fine malts and hops. It spilled all over the place (not shown)!

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