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Hi... I am Pradeep and I did my masters' in Informatics sp. Bioinformatics in University of Edinburgh. I am an Indian, from Chennai (Madras) capital city of the traditional state Tamil Nadu which has given birth to some famous academic people like G.N.Ramachandran (Ramachandran plot), Srinivasa Ramanujan (One of the greatest mathematician the world has ever got), Sir C.V.Raman (Raman Effect) and Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam (Former President of India); and also people in various other fields. By saying this, it doesn't mean I am one like them. I am a normal person, with high motivation to become one like the great people who I have mentioned previously. I did my undergraduation (Bachelor of Technology) in Industrial Biotechnology in Center for Biotechnology, Anna University.

Research Interest: I am from a Biotechnology background, thus know the interesting complexity of nature. Also I am an admirer of the way computers are changing the world. So I would like to contribute to the field, "Bioinformatics" which integrates both these interesting fields. I have a passion for Proteins and its computational structure prediction. Will any day say yes to wet lab experiments especially when it comes to Genetic Engineering. Have a lots of interest in doing Machine learning studies on real world data, mining information from it to discover the invisible theories; and modelling the systems to simulate and understand how the systems might proceed. From the above passage you would know that my first next preference would be to do a PhD.

Update: I am currently doing my PhD in Computation and Systems Biology in Singapore-MIT Alliance. My research is on Computational Drug design.

My masters' Thesis titled "Half way to protein" was in creating a software which gets the database search results of the mass spectrometry data in CSV format without passing through the webpage that shows the search results; and calculate the false positive rate and separate the correct and the incorrect peptide hits from the search result using the method adopted my our research group.

My undergrad Thesis titled "Residue pair interactions at dimer interfaces" involved developing my software which analyses and generates scoring matrix and using it generated scoring matrix analyzing more than 300 dimers; Did docking studies to verify the action of the drug, which is said to inhibit dimer formation and also proposed a “novel” way to find peptidomimetic inhibitors to be used to competitively inhibit the activity of protein complexes.

Apart from my Thesis, have done a mini project in Data mining and Exploration, "“Prediction of Molecular Bioactivity for Drug Design: Binding to Thrombin dataset” of KDD cup 2001 competition. Have also done project on "Expression and purification of recombinant filarial antigens" and have undergone training both in experimental and bioinformatics techniques to support my research career.

About my university and the city: How to describe it?!?!?!. "A beautiful Castle in the peaceful Kingdom!!!"

Hobbies: Occasionally do sketching, Listen to music, Poor dancer, have no patience to read but love to learn by hearing to others, Love arguments and debates as it enriches my knowledge of how the other person thinks.

Favourite quotes: Never Never Never Give up

Do anything and everything with loyalty and utmost Perfection

Update on iGEM 2008: I was the student advisor of Nanyang Technology University iGEM team.

Contact: deepu[.]r[@]gmail[.]com

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