Valencia/Hicela opinion


To participate in the competition iGEM this year has been a stimulating experience for me, because I met a intelligent and interested group of people to discover a new way to make science, because I was working in a harmonic team not only committed with the carried out a project, also, with the personal growth of each one of their members, and also, today is very important the satisfaction of having been able to contribute the personal knowledge for the achievement of a common objective. This way, the competition has contributed me tools to strengthen my formation and in the same way a heap of knowledge that can be useful in the professional exercise.

Now in the nearest end, I can not to say if iGEM was like I thought, neither less than I believed, I only can to say simply has been a total different way to create and it`s for this reason that I cant value it like a jointly way to investigate and effective discussion space about of practice applications of the “life”. For the news “iGEMeros” (new participants students for the iGEM) I suggest to consider in each new project the possibility that it will be a complement of the previous one, because may be by this way we could manufacture new systems of parts that can be articulates together, being able to conform more complex systems.