Valencia/Parts of the system Producer of H2




Now we have to make an approach according to the Biobricks system. The structure has been explain in the previous page, so we are going to follow the same diagram. There is an Activator, the Producer, a Terminator and the Reporter.

Parts of the system Producer of H2 (with Biobricks)

To star with, let us to explain the following diagram of the Biobricks of the System for the production of H2.

The Activator is just the IPTG which bind to the IPTG Promoter and start the production of H2. The main problem of this step is the design and implement of the Producer of H2, but that will be comment in the Possible Problems section. The molecule of H2 its our objective. Once obtained, starts a mechanism to stop the production. The molecule of H2 is used as the promoter to code the LacI . The H2 bind to the H2 Promoter and the LacI is coded. This steps have two objectives. First, acts as the Terminator, because the LacI inhibits the IPTG, so the production of H2 stops. And in the other hand LacI is the promoter of the synthesis of the YFP, the Reporter.

Biobricks of the System for the production of H2


In this system, there is an important parts that must be implemented. It is the producer of H2, it's the main part and must be designed previously.

Possible Problems

  • If we use the H2 as the promoter of the LacI, is there an efficient production of H2?
  • The glow of the bacteria will grow while the H2 is being produced and the maximum of the luminosity will be when all the IPTG had been inhibited. That is none of our proposed behaviors, we want that the glow starts when the production stops.