Valencia/Team Meetings



Preparing for IGEM 2007

First Approach to iGEM competition

In this meeting, we know us: our future mates for the iGEM team. Emilio explain us the work method; this years they want a team which members have a more specific task. One group only will work in the wet lab and other group will do the theory work. The team is supposed to have a person in charge of the wiki, and a person who report the lab work. Furthermore Emilio make a presentation of the Project of the last year Valencia Team, about the vanilla biosensor. For the next week the the members had work to do...

Repressilator Seminary

The work for this meeting was that Hicela, Pablo and Javier explain to the rest of the team el paper about the Repressilator: A synthetic oscillatory network of transcriptional regulators of Michael B. Elowitz & Stanislas Leibler.

Team Meeting Saturday 30/06/07

The aim of the reunion was that Professor Javier Urchueguía told us the results of the Teacher Workshop in Zürich. Javier give us some webs where we could find information about protocols like the Open Wet Ware. Furthermore, Arnau explain to the team some useful information about parts and sequencing, and the protocols were going yo use in the lab. We conclude making three questions that we must try to answer in the next meeting.

  • What project we are going to perform?
  • How are we going to do it?
  • Who is going to take charge of each work?

We agree that establish the person how do each for is an easy task, but the most important isn't that must be a fluid and continuous communication between the members for perform a successfully project.

Deciding the Project - Sidi Saler Meeting

With the aim to decide our project and take the final decision, we went to the hotel in the outskirts of Valencia, near the Albufera. We book a conference room and spent the morning explaning our ideas. Each team member explained his project and we debate it. After that we take a break and lunch in the hotel for refresh our mind. In the afternoon we choose the Comparator as the project of the iGEM 07 Valencia Team.

See the photo gallery: Sidi Saler


Group meeting to talk about the global evolution of the project and decide the final form of it. It was decided to aplicate the comparator to implement a calibrator of the relative strength of promoters compared with one taken as reference.

The decision of selecting that device has been motivated by:

  • It a simple and useful idea.
  • We can use the last year experience working with OmpR and OmpRm.

Other possible ideas like the controller has been discarded as they are too complicated attending the available time and the state of the project.

In addition, as the university classes are about to begin, the time that each member of the team will be able to use in the iGEM competition has been stablish.

Later on, we discuss about less trascendental issues like which could be the predesign ofthe Jamboree T-shirts has been proposed.