Synthetic workplan. Milestones and training activities


  • iGEM brochure
  • Start looking for the members of the team and funding


In this month the training of the members of the Valencia’s Team begin. This period of time includes a part of self-learning of the students guided by the advisors and the students that already participate last year. In this first training month the formation is more personalised in each student according their background.

  • Training on biology and synthetic biology and biological mechanisms of MIT's BioBricks
  • Lectures on biological networks (chemotaxis, sensors, cell-cell communication, represilator, logic operators...) and their simulation
  • Lectures on protein engineering (given by prof. Alfoso Jaramillo from École Polytechnique in Paris).
  • Training on ordinary differential equations (analytic and numerical methods) and dynamical systems:
    • Short course on Matlab
    • Introduction to control theory and design of electric circuits
    • Training lectures on Matlab toolbox


In the beginning of this month a proper background for the iGEM competition is supposed for all the students and a formation period more homogeneous for all the team is planned. The main lines of the activities planned for this month are:

  • Training/lectures on laboratory methodology and molecular biology (performed in the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutive Biology)
  • Lectures on control theory applied to biology
  • Short course in metabolic engineering (given by prof. Pramod Wangikar from the Indian Institute of technology of Mumbay)
  • Training in using Matlab to design and simulate biological circuits
  • Teacher's Workshop
  • Brainstorming on project proposals and Decision of the final project

July & August

  • Project development & implementation

September & October

  • Send our designed genetic sequence for final synthesis
  • Characterisation and sequencing of bacteria
  • Refinement and finishing touches: preparing the poster and presentation for Boston