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Week 4


Day spent on long discussions with Raya about the accuracy of our model 1.2 . We finally simulated it and… Results were a bit, shall I say, unpleasant. Because of signal degradation, we will not reach a stable state as we anticipated before. That is going to mess up our optimization algorithms, for sure.


Christine was asked by Xu to introduce Petri Net(Snoopy) method to qualitatively analyse the dynamics of the system. And Karolis, introduced a dynamical approach in modeling of the system using Simulink. Both methods rely not only on blunt programming, but introduce GUI (Graphical User Interface) logics. Respect the Stochastic Model, we have been runing this one by doing some changes in the model (like changes in the signal, or other implementations), and later comparing with the deterministic model the results.


Maciej started a thorough research of registry files, because we were told by wetlab, that they are about to deposit their first brick and, it is not very intuitive (a good point for registry’s future development). He promised to study it and give us all tutorial about his findings. We have discussed as well about how we will determinate the parameters for the stochastic model.


Bricks. Brick Bricks. What is this brick? What is the aim of having bricks? All these questions were brought forward and we all agreed to do a thorough individual research and combine them in joint brainstorm, because as our grandfathers used to say: ‘There are as many opinions, as there are heads’. Rachel and Martina continue working in cascade models for Stochastics.


First bricks from Glasgow team reached a sandpit. No no. Do not rush to copy them. That’s just a ‘getting used to the system’. We are about to deposit real one, so we want everything to go as smooth as possible.


Modelling Log Tutorials References