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Week 1
Week 2
  • First selection of biobricks transformed.
  • Preparation of stocks.
  • Researched DmpR, XylR and DntR sensor systems.
  • Designed primers for DmpR, DntR, XylR and associated promoters.
Week 3
Week 4
  • BioBricks tested by digestion and PCR.
  • PCR with new primers associated with DntR and XylR.
  • phzM and phzS cloned into TOPO vectors.
  • Primer design for 7 gene operon.
  • DntR cloned into TOPO vector.
  • Primer design for XylR and associated genes.
  • Death gene cloned into TOPO vector.
  • Primer design for death gene.
Week 5
Week 6
  • Suspected amplification of 7 gene operon.
  • phzM and phzS confirmed as present in TOPO vectors.
  • Confirmed presence of death gene plasmid in some vectors.
  • Miller assay performed with DntR system.
  • Yeast cells.
  • Biobricks made of phzM, phzS, and DntR.
Week 7
Week 8
  • Utilised new biobricks.
  • Site directed mutagenesis of phzM completed.
  • Site directed mutagenesis of phzS completed.

Week 9
Week 10+
  • phzD→phzG successfully cloned into TOPO vector.
  • Contains further work achieved.
  • XylR and Pr cloned into construction vectors.
  • XylR and Pr put next to responsive promoter and luciferase.

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