Melbourne/Miniprep protocol


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  • Applications:
    1. Isolation of plasmid DNA from Bacterial cells
  • Time to complete protocol:
    • Lab time: 1.5hrs
    • Waiting time: 10min
  • Approximate cost of materials: $0.00

Method from primary and secondary reagents

Primary & secondary Reagents Required including controls
Method including controls
  • Use Protocol included in the Kit.
  • A centrifugation method is used.
  • Modifications:

In an effort to increase the yield of DNA, the following can be performed.

    • The final elution can be repeated. The first elution is done using 50ul of Nuclease-Free Water and the second using 30ul.
    • The volume of bacterial culture used can be increased and centrifuged in two or more spins.
Equipement Required